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Peter Brown Public Relations and Corporate Communictions

...interim communications   ...freelance media and public relations   ...copywriting

Telephone: Leeds (0113) 815 3033   |   Mobile: 07513 001 053


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21 Woodlea Court

Leeds   LS17 8BE



Phone: 0113 815 3033

Mobile: 07513 001 053



Peter Brown is a former business journalist and an experienced corporate communications practitioner available for interim management assignments and freelance PR work.

Now working on an interim and freelance basis, he's able to offer a flexible, experienced solution to the communications and publicity needs of your organisation or agency client.

He’s based in Leeds, Yorkshire, and able to work away from home (eg. London) and on a limited company basis where required.

A business journalist …with ample hands-on corporate communications and press office experience

Peter is a former newspaper reporter and business editor with 10+ years experience in consumer (B2C) and B2B business-to-business marketing and corporate communications – much of it as a press and public relations officer (PRO) and media relations manager in the corporate affairs departments of major banking and financial services organisations.

Does your company's communications team or a client of your marketing employment agency need an experienced corporate communications consultant or public relations (PR) contractor - on an interim manager, freelance, temporary or maternity cover recruitment basis?

Peter Brown could be the solution.

You can contact him now on 07513 001 053 - or Leeds (0113) 815 3033.


Or email him at

Peter’s been involved in almost every aspect of corporate communications and reputation management – from community relations, stakeholder and PR agency management to public affairs, internal employee communications and crisis mitigation.

He's familiar with and able to bring his established media skills and experience to emerging channels such as digital marketing, social media and SEO copywriting.